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Driven by a passion that borders on obsession that developed in me at a very young age I always knew I was going to be a chef.

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Grilled Corn Salad

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3 ears corn (2 ½ cups) – See Chef Tip

1 orange or red pepper

1 small red onion

1 jalapeno (more for a spicier flavor)

½ cup halved cherry tomatoes

1 avocado, chopped

¼ cup Cojita cheese (optional)

¼ cup chopped parsley (or your favorite herb, like cilantro, basil, chives etc)

3 tablespoons O&V Garlic EVOO *

1 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce

½ teaspoon O&V Garlic Mustard *

Zest of one lime

2 tablespoons lime juice (from one large lime)

½ teaspoon brown sugar

½ teaspoon O&V Chipotle Seasoning *

1 tablespoon O&V Tomato Pulp vinegar *

Salt to taste

Sprinkle of O&V Smoked Paprika *





Preheat the grill to medium high heat. Cut and de-seed the red pepper and the jalapeno. Cut the red onion into large wedges. Shuck the corn.


Brush the ears of corn, red pepper, jalapeno and onion wedges with one tablespoon of the Garlic oil. Place on the grill and cook on high turning a couple of times till cooked and slightly charred.


Remove and let the vegetables cool. Cut the corn off the cob into a bowl. Chop the cooled red pepper and onion, mince the cooled jalapeno and add to the bowl with the corn. Add the avocado and cherry tomatoes


In a separate bowl, mix together the remaining 2 tablespoons of oil, Worcestershire sauce, Garlic mustard, zest and juice of lime, brown sugar, Chipotle seasoning and vinegar. Whisk to incorporate and pour over the corn mixture. Toss to coat the vegetables well and let sit for 10-15 minutes.


Salt to taste, add the parsley, Cojita cheese (if using), toss gently, sprinkle with smoked paprika and serve.





Serves 6

Total Time: 30 minutes



Chef Tip

Make this salad year-round with fire roasted frozen corn, or use a grill pan indoors to cook up the corn, peppers and onion




* The Garlic EVOO adds a nice hint of garlic flavor without having the bite of raw garlic in the salad. The Tomato Pulp vinegar adds a sweetness from the cherry tomatoes it is made from. You can use other high-quality ingredients as substitutes or to change out the flavor profile of the dressing.


The Chipotle Seasoning adds a little smokiness and heat (available at most Oil & Vinegar store locations) and the Garlic Mustard adds another layer of garlickiness, but you can substitute with a Dijon mustard. The Smoked Paprika adds color and depth of flavor.





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